Good to Know

We Are Serious About your Business, But We Don't Take Ourselves Too Seriously.

Solutions That Put You First.

Our Success is based on your long-term success. Not on us lording over your career.

We will never rank you among other clients.

We do not maintain public list of which of our clients makes the most money or sells the most videos or who updates the most or any other list comparing our clients. We believe that maintaining and publicly displaying those kinds of list turns friends and peers into unnecessary competitors. Competitors who end up chasing a ranking on a list rather than chasing success. Such lists place models and producers on content-generation treadmills trying to keep-up-with-the-Joneses and striving to take an ever-narrowing slice out of a service provider's pie.

We give you the tools and independence to bake your own pie.

Then let you take all of it.

You ALWAYS own your domain name.

We will never insist we hold, own or govern your domain name. You register your domain name at your preferred registrar. We never have access to it. Should you ever decide to move away from our services in the future, simple point your domain name away from us. You hold all the cards. You are always in control.

You ALWAYS own your traffic.

Because you own your own domain name, you also own all your traffic. We NEVER insist the you send your traffic to You send your customers to YOUR site. They're your customers, so it's your traffic. Should you ever decide to move away from our services in the future, you take the traffic you've built with you.

XSiteAbility can operate anonymously.

No one needs to know that we are helping you on the back end. Your site will not be branded with our logo and there is no place on your site that will mention XSiteAbility. Although we are proud of our service and our clients, we will not let anyone know you use our services unless you expressly want us to, or allow us. Your site will have no XSiteAbility Branding on it.

Your site is independent.

The only links on your site that send your audience away from your site are one that you put there. There is no place or link on your site where we siphon off your traffic to other XSiteAbility clients. If your traffic wants to leave, they can click on a link you provide, they can manually type something else into their address bar or they can close their browser window. But XSiteAbility will never take the opportunity to steal that viewer from you.

Feel free to link to ALL your endeavors. Even the non-XSiteAbility ones.

Your overall success is important to us. You are welcome to link to any other sales vehicle you have, even ones that aren't provided by XSiteAbility. Yeah, we're just not insecure. We don't get jealous. We don't clamp down and control your career. For example, we have a tool that lets you sell DVDs. Some other service providers do as well. If you sell DVDs there, too, Link to them. We want you to sell your stuff wherever you can and be successful. We don't need a slice of everything you do.

We don't treat clients with other non-XSiteAbility endeavors as second-class citizens.

We're not going to punish you for having other vendors. We're not going to insist that you don't someone else's services. You are not going to get a reduced-level of service because we don't have your utter and complete love, subordination and fidelity. Work with whomever you want, when you want. It doesn't matter to us. You will always receive 100% of what we have to offer.

Your site, not XSiteAbility, appears in your fan's bookmarks.

This is something a lot of people overlook, but when your traffic bookmarks your site, it will appear in their bookmarks as YOUR SITE. XSiteAbility will not appear there.
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