Danaya set 32

Danaya is captured barefoot with no panties on and tightly bound in bed with leather straps around her elbows, wrists, knees & ankles. Then she gets blindfolded and put into a hogtie.

Danielle set 2

Danielle is blindfolded and her wrists are bound with duct tape in her t-shirt and panties and bare feet. She is gagged with tape and her ankles are taped together. Then her panties are pulled down.

Rachelle set 4

Rachelle is tied to her chair with ropes and blindfolded in her blue jeans and socks. She is gagged with clear tape and then silver duct tape to keep her quiet.

Danielle set 1

Danielle is blindfolded and tied wrists & ankles in bed with ropes in her bare feet and panties. Then she is stringently elbow-tied and then hogtied.

Vanessa set 1

Vanessa is blindfolded and helplessly tied spread-eagle to the four corners of the bed with ropes in her lingerie, high heels and no panties.

Rachelle set 3

Rachelle is a sexy barefoot harem slave with her arms tied overhead and ankles held apart by spreader bars and shackles. Then she is shackled into a hogtie and even her toes are tied together.

Kiki set 10

Kiki is tied with ropes to a chair in her blue jeans and soft bare feet. She is then blindfolded and has a head harness ball-gag strapped tightly in place.

Rachelle set 2

Rachelle is sexy in cuffs in her sunglasses, blue jeans & high heel boots gagged with a bandana. She gets laid on her tummy and cuffed into a hogtie.

Kiki set 9

Kiki is bound tightly with zip ties in her high heels and long pants. Her shoes come off revealing her stockinged feet and she is hogtied with zip-ties and gagged with a bandana.

Brandi set 4

Brandi is cuffed in the buff. Her wrists and ankles are cuffed into a hogtie and her legs are spread wide for all to see.

Madelline set 2
26 photos

Madelline is bit-gagged with her wrists and ankles tied with rope in her skirt and heels. Her wrists are pulled up behind her with rope into a strict strappado and a blindfold is placed over her eyes.

Dark Candy set 9
24 photos

Dark Candy has been left lying on the floor in her leggings with her mouth taped shut and her wrists and ankles bound tightly with white duct tape. Her slippers have been removed from her bare feet.

BGB Mix 18
26 photos

A compilation of some never before seen pictures from some of the best models in Black Girls Bound history!

Aether set 86
20 photos

Aether is trapped in the corner after work in her white blouse, long dress, heels and pantyhose with ropes tied around her wrists and ankles. She cowers in fear as she awaits her fate from her captor.

Danaya set 31

Danaya is bound with ropes topless and barefoot in panties. Her mouth is stuffed and her lips are sealed with clear tape.

Danaya set 30

Danaya gets taught a lesson by Kiki and gets tied up in her jeans & heels. Kiki removes Danaya's heels and tickles her bare soles. Then she hogties Danaya and gags her with a bandana.

Rachelle set 1

Rachelle gets tightly tied with ropes and gagged with a bandana in her blue jeans & socks. Then she is strictly elbow-tied & hogtied and has her socks removed showing her pretty bare feet.

Phoenix set 6

Phoenix is bound tightly on her knees with her elbows, wrists & ankles tied with leather straps in her hooters uniform and bare feet. She is blindfolded to keep the surprises coming.

Kiki set 8

Kiki is tied with ropes in blue jeans and moccasins. She is gagged with a bandana then her shoes and socks are removed revealing her soft bare feet.

Kiki set 7

Kiki is awakened to Danaya handcuffing her and tying her ankles together in her bare feet & mini dress. Danaya tickles Kiki's feet and then ball-gags her and leaves her tied to her bed.

C. Unique set 4

C. Unique is strung up with ropes by her bound wrists & ankles with her bare feet in jeans hanging in the air and her knees tied together. She is then ball-gagged and also blindfolded.

Red Diamond set 10

Red is shackled to spreader bars in her corset, thongs, and high heels. She is blindfolded and gagged and ready to be abused.

Danaya set 29

Danaya is tied topless in jeans & moccasins with ropes. She gets a ball-gag strapped in her mouth and is put into a tight hogtie. Then her shoes are removed showing her pretty bare feet.

Lakita set 3

Lakita won't be getting any rest after working in her hooters uniform blindfolded & cuffed in her bare feet. She gets to spend her evening hog-cuffed and toe cuffed.

Alesha set 11
16 photos
Alesha shows how sexy she can be collared and standing in bondage in her dress & heels. She is masked and ball-gagged in cuffs and then blindfolded & gagged with a leather strap and tied with ropes.

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