Nikkita set 12
20 photos
Nikkita has her wrists tied with a zip-tie barefoot in her matching bra & panties. She is made to kneel in her bed and another zip-tie is used to bind her ankles.

LaDawn set 5
14 photos

LaDawn is tied tightly to her chair with ropes in her party dress and knee-high socks with ropes around her chest, wrists and ankles. A wide piece of white cloth is tied over her mouth to gag her.

Aether set 49
24 photos; 3:21 video

Aether finds out the hard way to keep quiet during the football game when she is tape gagged and frogtied barefoot in her football jersey and gets her wrists tied overhead to the ceiling with ropes.


Nykisha set 11
12 photos

Nykisha must sit on the floor with her mouth held open by a ring-gag in her clogs and tight blue jeans with leather straps buckled tightly around her ankles, thighs, and wrists.

Aether set 48
28 photos

Aether is ball-gagged and tied into a tight ball in her onesy, pantyhose and leg warmers. With her wrists tied to her ankles and a bar behind her knees tied down with ropes, she can barely move.

Taysia set 34
16 photos
Taysia has a bit-gag strapped in her mouth and is hogtied with chains with her ankles crossed in her mini-skirt and black slippers outside in the back of a pick-up truck.

Nikkita set 11
20 photos
Nikkita is bound seated on the floor with chains around her wrists in her sun dress and sandals. Her sandals off, her ankles are crossed and she is hogtied with more chain and gagged with a bandanna.

Ginger set 4
26 photos

Ginger is bound and gagged on the floor with grey silver duct tape over her mouth and around her wrists and ankles in her bare feet and blue jeans.

Nikkita set 10
32 photos
Nikkita is kneeling & bound with leather straps around her elbows, wrists & ankles in her thong & bare feet. A leather gag is strapped in her mouth & then a blindfold is strapped over her eyes.

Taysia set 33
20 photos
Taysia is ball-gagged and has her wrists tied overhead to a tree limb with ropes. She is forced to balance stand barefoot on one leg since one of her ankles is tied to her thigh.

3:27 video
Ginger is ball-gagged, hogtied and toe-tied barefoot with ropes around her wrists and ankles in her tight blue jeans. She is tickled on her bare soles, thighs and ribs.

2:03 video
Taysia is gagged and bound outdoors with tape around her wrists, thighs and ankles, barefoot in her black jeans. 

Nikkita set 9
Nikkita is found after two years in hiding and bound with a leather strap around her wrists in her thong and flip flops. She is made to kneel and submit.

Trenita set 3
Trenita is naked and blindfolded and kneeling on the floor with ropes tied around her wrists, ankles, chest and through her crotch.

Ginger set 3
Ginger is hogtied barefoot with ropes around her wrists and ankles in her tight blue jeans. A ball-gag gets strapped in her mouth to keep her quiet. Her toes even get tied together.

Taysia set 32
Taysia is tied outdoors facedown & spread eagle to the corners of the bed of a pick-up truck with rope by her wrists and ankles barefoot in a mini-skirt and gagged with a bandanna.

Taysia set 60
28 photos

Taysia will be late for work with her wrists tied tightly behind her back and ankles bound together in her blazer, short dress, pantyhose and flat shoes. A black ball-gag is strapped in her mouth.

Aether set 47
24 photos

Aether is folded in half with her wrists tied down and her ankles pulled back over her head and tied apart with black ropes in her slouch socks and leggings. She is bandana gagged and ready for use.

Nykisha set 10
24 photos; 3:18 video

Nykisha is gagged barefoot in jeans and her wrists and ankles are tied overhead with ropes. A wartenberg wheel is rolled up and down her bare soles. Then her soles are beaten with a leather belt.


Aether set 46
16 photos

Aether looks pretty in pink outdoors tied tightly to a pole in her short dress and open-toed heels with a matching ball-gag in her mouth with ropes around her wrists, chest, waist, legs and ankles.

Ginger set 2
Ginger is hogtied with ropes around her wrists and ankles in her tight blue jeans and white moccasins. A ball-gag gets strapped in her mouth to keep her quiet.

Taysia set 31
Taysia is bound outdoors with rope around her wrists barefoot in black jeans and dragged through the dirt & grass to where she is suspended with more ropes by her wrists and ankles.

Ginger set 1
20 photos

Ginger is tied with ropes around her wrists and ankles in her tight blue jeans and white moccasins.

Taysia set 30
Taysia is surprised outside and gagged and bound with tape around her wrists, thighs and ankles in her black jeans. Her high heels are removed showing her soft bare feet and soles.

Patrice set 1
32 photos

Mary decides to teach Patrice a lesson by tying her wrists with rope, spanking her with a belt and hogtying & gagging her. Then both girls end up hogtied and gagged with bandanas barefoot in jeans.

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