Felicia set 1
Felicia gets her large BBW breasts bound while kneeling blindfolded and bound, barefoot in blue jeans

Candy set 1
BBW Candy gets her 1st experience with bondage, gagged and bound in her blue jeans and heels. Blindfolded and ball-gagged, she also gets her first barefoot hogtie.

April & Faith set 1
Faith wants to teach April a lesson for flirting with her boyfriend by tying her up and gagging her, but the boyfriend has plans to tie them both.

Amani set 1
Amani is ball-gagged & bound naked on her knees with her ankles tied together and wrists tied behind her back. Her lovely body is then put into a strict hogtie.

Alesha set 1
Alesha is blindfolded and rope-gagged with her wrists tied to ankles in her bare feet and blue jeans. She is helpless to stop her bare ass from being exposed.

Dahlia set 1
36 photos; 3:23 video

Dahlia is tightly ball-gagged and hogtied for the first time ever with her elbows tied together as well in her bare feet. She thinks being tied up is fun at first until she realizes she cannot escape.


Scarlet set 19
28 photos

Scarlet is seated in her shorts and shoes tied tightly to a pole with ropes around her neck, wrists, thighs and ankles. She gets gagged with a bandana. She pulls at the ropes but only chokes herself.

Aether set 72
24 photos

Aether is gagged with cloth over her mouth and has her wrists tied to her ankles wearing her denim shorts and ankle socks. On her back on the floor her wrists and ankles are tied up to the ceiling.

Ginger set 33
24 photos

Ginger is tightly cleave-gagged with cloth and tied to a chair in her low cut dress and white moccasins with ropes tied around her elbows, wrists and ankles. Ginger won't be getting up for a while.

Aether set 71
28 photos; 3:46 video

Aether is blindfolded & ball-gagged in jeans and heels. Her ankles tied and wrists tied strappado with a vibrator tied to a pole between her legs buzzing her crotch. Her shoes come off her bare feet.


Kalani set 6
38 photos

Kalani is kneeling barefoot and tightly bound and gagged with gray duct tape around her wrists knees and ankles. She is laid face down on the floor for a good look at her wrinkled bare soles.

Bunny set 19
20 photos

Bunny will be spending a quiet day at home on the couch bound and gagged with bandanas around her wrists, knees and ankles in blue jeans and white slippers on her feet. She better get comfortable.

Nykisha set 27
20 photos

Nykisha is gagged and bound with black tape over her mouth and wrapped up tight in a sheet like a mummy laying trapped on her back on the floor. Nykisha gets flipped over on her stomach.

Scarlet set 18
32 photos; 3:30 video

Scarlet is blindfolded and gagged with cloth barefoot in denim shorts with her wrists tied tightly behind her back, hogtied by her big toes. She struggles around on the floor trying to free herself.


Ginger set 32
24 photos

Ginger makes a nice sex doll trapped inside a latex rubber suit in fishnet stockings and ballet boots with her wrists and ankles schackled and spread apart and a leather collar around her neck.

Bunny set 18
16 photos

Bunny is naked and standing with her arms and legs spread wide with her wrists and ankles tied to an X cross with leather shackles. She is left helpless and at the mercy of her captor's delight.

Aether set 70
16 photos

Aether is gagged with ropes and tied tightly to a bench with rope around her wrists, waist, thighs, knees, and ankles in her stretch jeans and high heels. She is tied so tight she can barely move.

Ginger set 31
28 photos

Ginger gets a hand over her mouth, is put on knees and gets her elbows tied and her wrists tied to her ankles in leggings and crocs. Bunny can only watch as Ginger is laid on her stomach now barefoot.

Aether set 69
14 photos; 4:17 video

Aether finds she is trapped in her chair as she struggles to free herself while she is bound and gagged with tape around chest, wrists, knees and ankles in her t-shirt, panties and knee-high socks.


Bunny set 17
28 photos

Bunny is standing ball-gagged and Y-tied in heels with ropes holding her wrists apart and her ankles tied together. She is and blindfolded with a bandana and her panties are pulled down to her ankles.

Shondra set 16
24 photos

Shondra gets wrapped up tight with tape in a sheet like a mummy laying trapped on her back on the floor leaving just her head and bare feet uncovered. Shondra then gets flipped over on her stomach.

Scarlet set 17
16 photos

Scarlet is forced to sit in lotus position barefoot in shorts with rope tied from her neck to her ankles and her wrists tied behind her back. She is cleave-gagged with a bandana to shut her up.

Aether set 68
30 photos

Aether makes a sexy pet girl in pantyhose for Bunny with her legs frogtied and hands wrapped with tape. Aether is bit-gagged and lead by her collar on a leash. Then Bunny makes Aether suck on a dildo.

3:51 video

Aether must try to keep her balance with her neck in a noose and her elbows, wrists, knees and ankles tied tightly with ropes in her dress and moccasins. Her squirming only leaves her gasping for air.


Dahlia set 2
36 photos

Dahlia poses barefoot with metal cuffs locked around her wrists ankles. Kneeling she gets a leather panel gag over her mouth. Next she is laid down and then hog-cuffed and gets her toes cuffed also.

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