Taysia set 45
32 photos
Taysia is in bed with her wrists, ankles, and feet tied with ropes, topless in a thong. Her ankles are tied to her wrists with more rope and she is left to sleep in a tight hogtie.

Tori set 21
12 photos; 3:37 video
Tori is gagged with a bandana, barefoot in jeans with ropes tying her wrists to her knees and her ankles tied up in the air suspended from the ceiling. She is beaten on her soles with a leather belt.


Raine set 15
32 photos
Raine is tied with ropes around her wrists & ankles and above & below her knees, in shorts & nylon footies. Then she’s elbow-tied. She’s ball-gagged and gets a rope tied from her ankles to her neck.

Tori set 20
Tori is blindfolded and handcuffed overhead barefoot in jeans kneeling in a chair with her ankles cuffed together. She is gagged with a bandana and her jeans get pulled down showing her bare ass.

Taysia set 44
24 photos
Taysia is tied tightly to a chair in her onesy and pantyhose with ropes around her wrists, elbows, knees and ankles. Unable to move, a leather strap is buckled between her teeth to gag her.

Tori set 19
32 photos
Tori is in the basement trapped in a straitjacket and her dirty bare feet. A leather blindfold is used to cover her eyes. Then she a leather gag is strapped in her mouth to keep her from screaming.

Shanay set 3
30 photos
Shanay has her wrists cuffed kneeling barefoot. Then her ankles are cuffed. She’s laid down and a large ball-gag is strapped in her mouth. Then she is hogtied with a chain and her toes are cuffed. 

Tori set 18
20 photos
Tori is kneeling and tied with ropes around her wrists, knees and ankles to a chair on the basement floor in her jeans and dirty bare feet. More rope is tied tightly between her teeth gagging her.

Erica set 2
24 photos
Erica is bound barefoot in bed with rope around her wrists and ankles in her bikini top and blue jeans. More rope is used to tightly elbow-tie and hogtie her. A strip of cloth is used to gag her.

Tori set 17
20 photos
Tori has her wrists cuffed overhead standing barefoot in blue jeans on a dirty basement floor. Her ankles are cuffed together and then she is made to kneel in a chair showing her dirty bare soles.

Nykisha set 15
20 photos; 3:25 video

Nykisha is tape gagged barefoot in leggings with her ankles bound and her wrists securely tied behind her back with ropes and her toes tightly tied together with string and tied to her bound wrists.


Aether set 56
14 photos

Aether gets to spend some quality time hanging upside down suspended spread eagle from the ceiling by her ankles in her tight catsuit and high heels with her wrists and ankles held apart by ropes.

Bunny set 5
14 photos

Bunny has been a naughty nurse and gets her wrists tied tightly to her ankles on her knees in her blue hospital scrubs and white ankle socks. She is laid face down on the floor her feet in the air.

Aether set 55
40 photos

Aether has been tied to a rack in her ripped costume by her nemesis who torments her by dragging a spiked metal pinwheel up and down her bound bare soles. She can only endure the agony of her defeat.

Taysia set 43
32 photos
Taysia is awakened from her slumber with a hand covering her mouth to muffle her screams. She is tied spread eagle in bed topless and barefoot in a thong. She is gagged and blindfolded with bandannas.

Tori set 16
32 photos
Tori is standing in a dingy basement in her jeans and stockinged-feet with leather straps around her elbows, wrists, knees and ankles. Dropped to her knees she opens her mouth for a bit-gag.

7:20 video
Taysia is ball-gagged. Gets her wrists & ankles tied. Is blindfolded. And then toe-tied, barefoot in leggings. On-screen ball-gagging and blindfolding and POV tying of her wrists, ankles, and toes. 

Tori set 15
16 photos; 3:29 video
Tori is ball-gagged and tied standing in a strict elbow-tie strappado. With her elbows tied tightly overhead, she is paddled hard on her bare ass, crying out loudly with each blow.


Melody set 3
12 photos
Melody is grabbed from behind by Shanay and hogtied with ropes in her blue jeans and bare feet. Shanay takes this opportunity to tickle Melody’s helpless and vulnerable soft soles.

Ginger set 19
20 photos
Ginger is gagged with a bandanna and suspended from the ceiling by ropes tied around her wrists, knees and ankles in her short skirt and fishnet stockings.

Taysia set 42
22 photos
Taysia is sitting in a chair with her legs crossed and wrists & ankles tied to the chair with ropes in her bikini top, mini skirt and high heeled shoes.

3:32 video
Tori is tightly ball-gagged and hogtied in her bare feet and jeans in bed. She struggles to free herself breathing hard and softly moaning into her gag. 

Tori set 14
16 photos
Tori is ball-tied in lotus postion with ropes around her wrists, ankles and neck on the filthy floor of a basement in her jeans and dirty bare feet. A ball-gag gets strapped between her teeth. 

Shanay set 2
12 photos
Shanay is gagged with cloth and tied kneeling with ropes around her bare breasts, wrists, elbows and ankles, barefoot in jeans. Her jeans are pulled down showing her bare ass.

Taysia set 41
32 photos; 3:12 video
Taysia is tied sitting on the ground to a pole barefoot in jeans. Her ankles are tied over her head hanging her bare soles up in the air ready for spanking. She is blindfolded and ball-gagged.


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