LaTiesha set 7

Harem slave LaTiesha is put on her knees and has her wrists, elbows, knees, ankles and even toes tied together.

Nykisha set 29
20 photos; 3:20 video

Nykisha is ball-gagged and tied tightly in a chair with ropes around her chest, elbows and wrists with a noose tied from her neck to her tied ankles. Her struggles only tighten the noose on her neck.


Aether set 75
18 photos

Aether is in zentai bondage sitting on a spreader bar hanging from the ceiling by chains with her wrists shackled to the chains and her ankles shackled to the bar with a collar strapped on her neck.

Dahlia set 3
32 photos

Dahlia is a slave maid and gets her elbows, wrists and ankles tied in straps in hose and wooden heels. She gets a ball-gag head harness strapped into her pouty mouth. Her shoes come off her feet.

Scarlet set 22
40 photos

Scarlet is tied up barefoot in a bikini on Aether’s lap. Her wrists are tied behind her back and her ankles tied to her thighs. Scarlet gets a wartenberg wheel rolled up and down her helpless soles.

Jade set 1

Hot & sexy Jade is beautifully bound with ropes, topless & barefoot in blue jeans.

LaTiesha set 6

LaTiesha has her mouth filled with a big ball-gag. Kneeling on a stool her wrists are handcuffed and toes are toe-cuffed.

Jazai set 26
Jazai is hogtied & ball-gagged wearing just her matching bra & panties. Then she gets her head wrapped with an ace bandage.

Jazai special set 3
Topless & barefoot, Jazai is blindfolded, harnessed & gagged with rope. For added discomfort she is next ball-gagged and hogtied.

LaTiesha set 5

LaTiesha is put on her knees, tied with ropes, blindfolded & ball-gagged in her pants and stockinged feet. She's then put in a tight elbow-tie and hogtie.

Jazai set 25
Jazai is cleave-gagged with cloth and has her wrists & ankles tied with ropes while just in her matching bra & panties.

Alesha set 3
Alesha is blindfolded and ball-gagged barefoot in shorts and is suspended by ropes tied to her bound wrists & ankles.

LaTiesha set 4

LaTiesha is collared and put on her knees in her bare feet & jeans for a bondage variety including ropes, leather straps, a ring-gag, strap-gag, blindfold and ace bandage head wrapping.

Jazai set 24
Jazai is tightly tied with ropes to a pole while sitting on the floor in her bare feet & blue jeans and gagged with a bandana.

LaTiesha set 3

LaTiesha looks so adorable tightly hogtied and cleave-gagged in her sunglasses, mini-skirt, and stockinged feet.

Jazai set 23
Jazai puts on glamor bondage fashion show in her stunning leather collar, sexy dress, boots, and handcuffs.

LaTiesha set 2

LaTiesha thinks being tied in her boots and mini-skirt sitting on a stool is easy. See what she thinks once she's strictly hogtied and gagged with duct tape.

Jazai set 22
A totally naked, blindfolded & ring-gagged Jazai, is strictly shackled with her elbows strapped together and ankles tied. She cannot resist as she is bent over and has a butt plug shoved in her ass.

Jazai set 21
Jazai lies on the floor completely nude, ball-gagged & bound with leather shackles. Her legs are opened wide with the help of a spreader bar.

LaTiesha set 1

LaTiesha shows her sexy getting handcuffed on her knees can be in her hot catsuit and beautiful bare feet.

Jazai set 20
Jazai is helplessly bound barefoot on her knees in jeans with her hands tied behind her head to her ankles. Ball-gagged & blindfolded her bare breasts & ass are exposed for all to see.

Monique set 1

Monique is put on her knees, handcuffed, blindfolded and ball-gagged in her sexy one-piece outfit and bare feet in her first and only time cuffed.

Maliya set 5
Maliya is blindfolded and tightly bound with rope on her knees, barefoot in jeans. Once cleave-gagged she could only whimper as her ankles were brought up and hogtied to her wrists.

Jazai set 19
Jazai is ring-gagged, blindfolded, and bound with leather straps on her knees in her bare feet and blue jeans. She nervously awaits her fate after her bare breasts and ass are exposed.

Maliya set 4
Maliya is blindfolded with a bandana and ring-gagged on the floor in her jeans and bare feet. Her elbows are stringently bound together with rope and her wrists are tied to her ankles.

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