Aether set 45
20 photos; 3:31 video

Aether is snatched while sun bathing barefoot in a bikini and is dragged to the back of a truck and has her arms & legs yanked and tied and a tape gag to cover her mouth. Then it's time for a ride.


Nykisha set 9
20 photos

Nykisha sits atop a stool gagged and bound with gold tape around her wrists, knees and ankles in her one piece tight outfit and high heels. Her stool is removed and she must stand and then kneel.

Kalani set 5
32 photos; 3:19 video

Kalani has her wrists & ankles tied with zip-ties kneeling in her socks. Kalani is ball-gagged with her ankles crossed and tied with zip-ties and then more zip ties are used to put her into a hogtie.


Aether set 66
20 photos

Aether is ball-gagged and helplessly frogtied in leggings and high heels on the floor with pink tape wrapped around her elbows and wrists. More tape is wrapped around her legs keeping her knees bent.

Bunny set 14
20 photos

Bunny is tied kneeling with ropes around her wrists & ankles barefoot in green jeans. Her wrists are tied to her ankles and her panties are pulled down showing her bare ass. She is gagged with tape.

Nykisha set 25
20 photos

Nykisha and Aether are side-by-side gagged over their mouths with cloth and bound face down with ropes tying down their wrists and ankles in leggings. Nykisha is wearing socks and Aether is barefoot.

Bunny set 2
30 photos

Bunny's tied with straps on her elbows wrists and ankles in a collar, hose and moccasins. She's blindfolded. The strap on her elbows is put  on her knees. A ring-gag goes in her mouth. Shoes come off.

Shondra set 13
20 photos

Shondra sits in backless heels with cuffs around her wrists and ankles in her bra and thong with a three hole mask is over her head. A silver piece of tape is used to cover the hole for her mouth.

Sparkle set 1
20 photos

Sparkle is tied to a chair with ropes around her breasts, elbows, wrists, knees & ankles in leggings & sandals. She’s blindfolded & gagged with a bandanna. Her blindfold removed she gets ball-gagged.

China set 1
14 photos

China is tied with ropes around her wrists and ankles in her bare feet and blue jeans. She is laid on the floor and gets her ankles tied to her wrists leaving her in a tight barefoot hogtie.

5:24 video

Shondra is bound with ropes around her wrists and ankles and gagged with a bandana. She is tickled mercilessly on her soles and even gets her toes tied. And she does not like being tickled at all.


Scarlet set 14
24 photos

Scarlet sits atop a stool in deck shoes and jeans with her wrists cuffed behind her back and her ankles cuffed to the stool. She is gagged with cloth and her shoes dangle and fall from her bare feet.

Nykisha set 8
24 photos

Nykisha is forced to sit in lotus position barefoot in jeans with rope tied from her waist to her ankles and her wrists bound behind her back. She is gagged with tape to shut her up.

Aether set 44
24 photos

Aether is outside wet up with water barefoot in jeans tied & gagged with ropes. A bar is behind her back tied to her elbows with her wrists tied in front on her knees with her ankles tied to the bar.

LaDawn set 4
14 photos

LaDawn is bound tightly to her chair in her cocktail dress and high heels by zip-ties around her wrists and ankles. A piece of black tape seals her mouth shut keeping her from calling for help.

Kamisha set 3
32 photos; 3:10 video

Kamisha is ball-gagged with her crossed wrists & ankles zip-tied bent over barefoot with her pants down showing her thong. Kamisha thinks getting paddled on her ass is funny until Aether gets serious.


Nykisha set 7
20 photos

Nykisha is seated in her puple pants and flats tied tightly to a pole with ropes around her neck, wrists, thighs and ankles. She pulls desperately at the tight ropes but only manages to choke herself.

Aether set 43
28 photos

Aether is outside barefoot in jeans tied & gagged with ropes. A bar is behind her back tied to her elbows with her wrists tied in front. She is put on her knees and her ankles are tied to the bar.

Shondra set 12
12 photos

Shondra has a ball-gag strapped tightly in her mouth and is tied tightly to her chair in a very uncomfortable position with ropes around her wrists and ankles in her dress and pantyhose.

Bunny set 1
48 photos; 3:45 video

Bunny is ball-gagged and hogtied topless in pink jeans and open-toed heels with ropes. She struggles to free herself. Her jeans are pulled down and her shoes are removed showing her bare feet and ass.


LaDawn set 3
16 photos

LaDawn sees just how tough a strappado is when she gets her tied wrists pulled high above and tied overhead behind her with her ankles tied together in her white jeans and heels while panel gagged.

Aether set 42
28 photos

Aether is standing with her wrists tied behind her back in her dress and pantyhose. She is bent over a stool and gets her chest and crossed ankles tied with ropes and suspended from the ceiling.

Nykisha set 6
20 photos

Nykisha is tied tightly to her chair with ropes around her shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, and ankles in her mini dress and knee-high socks. A silk cloth is tied over her eyes to blindfold her.

Phoenix set 10
20 photos

Phoenix is tied & gagged with ropes on the floor in her socks with rope around her wrists, ankles and chest. She's got rope tying her neck to her knees. Laying on her side we get a look up her dress.

Aether set 41
20 photos; 3:19 video

Aether is hanging from the ceiling by ropes wearing a ball-gag harness with her arms wrapped and legs frogtied with tape and wrists pulled up into a strict strappado dressed in cosplay and heels.


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