Scarlet set 13
32 photos

Scarlet is tied up by Aether barefoot in a bikini laying on Aether’s lap. Scarlet has her wrists tied behind her back and her ankles tied to her thighs. Scarlet is paddled on her ass by Aether again.

Tracy set 1
28 photos
Tracy is sensually posing on her knees in bed in her bare feet & mini dress when cuffs go around her wrists. Soon after, cuffs go around her ankles as well and a ring-gag is strapped into her mouth.

Hunny set 3
16 photos
Hunny is sitting on a stool in her party dress & bare feet with ropes tied around her wrists & ankles. She can only spread the toes of her pretty feet & scrunch them on the floor.

Simone set 7
32 photos
Simone is blindfolded standing with her wrists & ankles shackled in her mini dress, hose & high heels. Put on her knees, her shoes pop off her feet. Then she is laid down & shackled into a hogtie.

Delicious set 28
48 photos
Delicious has been a naughty ho ho ho blonde this xmas & spends some time wrapped up with red ropes in her opera gloves, stockings, skirt & heels. She also spends some time tape gagged & hogtied.

Pinky set 3
30 photos
Pinky has her wrists cuffed in her bare feet & leggings. Kneeling in a chair her ankles are also cuffed. Kneeling on the floor she is cleave-gagged with cloth & her toes are cuffed together as well.

Simone set 6
18 photos
Simone is blindfolded and tightly hogtied with chains around her wrists and ankles in her hooters uniform and bare feet.

Simone set 5
20 photos
Simone is blindfolded and bound with chains around her wrists and ankles in her hooters uniform and matching platform heels. Then more chains are used to put her into a nice tight hogtie.

Destiny set 9
16 photos
Destiny makes being a handcuffed captive look so sexy with cuffs around her wrists and ankles while completely naked on her knees.

Simone set 4
26 photos
Simone is blindfolded with a bandana & tightly hogtied on the floor with rope around her wrists, elbows, knees & ankles in her blue jeans & pretty bare feet. Even her toes get tied together.

Simone set 3
14 photos
Simone is blindfolded with a bandana & tightly hogtied on the floor with rope around her wrists, elbows, knees & ankles in her blue jeans & socks.

Simone set 2
20 photos
Simone is blindfolded with a bandana & has her wrists, knees & ankles bound with rope in her blue jeans & sneakers. Her elbows are tied together & she gets tightly hogtied.

LaDawn set 1
40 photos; 3:24 video

LaDawn has her wrists tied in her jeans and high heels. She is made to kneel and her ankles get tied. Then she is ball-gagged. Then her wrists are tightly tied to her ankles for her first hogtie ever.


Nykisha set 2
24 photos

Nykisha is kneeling in jeans and moccasins and gets blindfolded and has her wrists tied behind her back. Next her ankles are tied and she is ball-gagged. Her blindfold is removed to show her eyes.

Aether set 38
28 photos

Aether has a leather panel gag strapped over her mouth in her dress and bare feet. Leather shackles and a spreader bar hold her arms apart and a leather strap tying her ankles is attached to the bar.

Dyanara set 10
34 photos

Dyanara is topless and gagged with cloth with her wrists zip-tied to the headboard of her bed. Wearing only a garter belt, stockings and heels she can only twist and squirm as she awaits her fate.

Simone set 1
44 photos
Simone is blindfolded & handcuffed in her sexy mini skirt & open-toed heels. Her ankles are cuffed then she’s laid on the floor & hog-cuffed. Her shoes come off her pretty bare feet.

Nikkita set 7
24 photos; 3:26 video
Nikkita is nude and not going anywhere tied spread-eagle face-down in bed with ropes. A bit-gag is strapped in her mouth to help keep her quiet. All she can do now is squirm & moan.


Missy set 3
36 photos
Missy is caught acting crazy but she’ll be doing it in a straitjacket with a ball-gag head harness on in her bare feet. Tape around her ankles will keep her from kicking seated in a chair.

Lynn set 4
28 photos; 3:58 video
Lynn thinks she’ll be relaxing in bed until she’s Y-tied face-down with ropes in her bare feet and mini dress. She’s tied tight and ready to be tickled.


Destiny set 8
18 photos
Destiny’s head’s covered with a hood & she’s strap gagged naked. Her wrists & ankles shackled & chained & her elbows cuffed together. Her elbows get strapped together & she’s cuffed into a hogtie.

Redz set 5
24 photos
Redz is collared & ball-gagged with her wrists & ankles shackled & cuffed to a stool in her mini skirt & heels. Unable to free herself she can only manage to slip her shoes from her bare heels.

Sugar set 10
30 photos
Sugar is tightly ball-gagged & tied to her chair with ropes around her shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees & ankles in her high heels & lingerie.

Missy set 2
16 photos; 3:43 video
Missy gets cleave-gagged with a bandana and is tied on the floor into a tight crossed ankle hogtie with ropes in her bare feet and dress.


Kerrice set 2
48 photos; 6:16 video
Kerrice is subdued barefoot in her bra & thong. Her wrists are tied, then her ankles & more ropes pull her into a tight hogtie. Her thong is yanked down & a cloth gag is tied tightly between her lips.


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