Aether set 83
24 photos

Aether has her elbows tied to her knees and her wrists tied to her ankles with her ankles tied up to the ceiling overhead with ropes. A ring gag holds her mouth open and a blindfold covers her eyes.

Dark Candy set 6
32 photos

Dark Candy is kneeling with her arms tied overhead and her bare feet crossed and bound together with ropes. Her shirt is open revealing her bare breasts and panties. She gets gagged with black tape.

Scarlet set 25
34 photos

Scarlet is tied tightly to a pole and suspended off the floor with her hands tied behind her back in her bare feet and blue jeans. Cloth gag keeps her mouth shut as she hangs helplessly in mid-air.

Sierra set 4
Sierra is laid on the floor in her blue jeans & bare feet and has her elbows, wrists, knees & ankles tied together with ropes. Then she is tightly hogtied & cleave-gagged.

Red Diamond set 2
24 photos; 2:16 video

Red Diamond is kneeling barefoot in panties, her wrists tied overhead and her dress shirt open revealing her breasts. She's cleave-gagged & has her ankles crossed & tied so she can't stand up.


Phoenix set 2

Phoenix starts out kneeling cuffed barefoot in jeans, then kneeling cuffed topless in jeans, and then she is hog-cuffed & toe-cuffed in the nude laying in bed.

Danaya set 20

Danaya removes her top, ball-gags herself, binds her ankles with a leather strap, and handcuffs her wrists behind her back, in her blue jeans and bare feet.

Danaya set 19

Danaya is tied tight in an uncomfortable position with her wrists bound to her ankles with rope in her blue jeans and pretty bare feet.

Sierra set 3
Sierra is bound with black rope seated in the lotus position barefoot with a bandana on her head with her neck tied to her ankles and wrists tied behind her back. She is also gagged with a bandana.

Kiki set 5

Kiki is hogtied laying on the floor in her mini-dress & boots and has her dress hiked up to show more of her luscious booty. Then she is put on her knees and ring-gagged.

Alesha set 9
Alesha is blindfolded with a bandana and tied to an arm chair with ropes in her high heels & blue jeans. Her mouth is stuffed with balled up paper and sealed shut with clear tape.

Alesha set 8
Alesha is bound, blindfolded & ball-gagged barefoot in her bikini with a bandana head rag. She's then rolled over and hogtied.

Red Diamond set 1
20 photos; 2:22 video

Red Diamond is tied with ropes in her blue jeans and sneakers. Her tennis shoes are removed showing her soft bare feet and she's tightly elbow-tied & hogtied and gagged with cloth.


Sasha set 5
20 photos; 2:12 video

Sasha is chair-tied and cleave-gagged with a bandana in a mini-skirt & backless heels. With her legs tied open her panties can clearly been seen up her skirt.


Sierra set 2
Sierra is collared with her wrists & ankles cuffed barefoot in jeans on her knees. She's blindfolded & ball-gagged and then hog-cuffed & toe-cuffed.

Melody set 14

Melody is ring-gagged and has her wrists elbows & ankles tied on her hands & knees topless in jeans & heels. Her heels are removed and jeans & panties are pulled down to show her bare ass.

Angel set 7

Angel is tied and gagged with ropes kneeling in a most uncomfortable position in her blue jeans and bare feet with her wrists tied to the ceiling.

Kiki set 4

Kiki is tied to a chair and gagged with a bandana in her blue jeans and strapped heels.

Sierra set 1
Sierra is tied topless in pantyhose kneeling over a stool with her hair tied to her wrists.

Melody set 13

Melody is hung from the ceiling by her wrists & ankles in the nude and gagged with duct tape.

Danaya set 18

Danaya gets her elbows, wrists & ankles bound with leather straps and is blindfolded and ring-gagged kneeling in a men's shirt and bare feet.

Angel set 6

Angel is tightly breast bound, harnessed, and gagged with ropes in her blue jeans and bare feet. She then has her jeans pulled down and ass exposed and is tightly hogtied.

Lauryn set 2

Lauryn is ball-gagged & tied with ropes to her bed topless and barefoot in her denim mini-skirt.

Denise set 5

Denise & Sasha are both topless & barefoot in jeans with their arms tied overhead and knees bound together with ropes. Cleave-gagged with bandanas their jeans are pulled down to show their thongs.

Angel set 5

Angel has her wrists & ankles cuffed and is ball-gagged while barefoot in jeans. She is then hog-cuffed and toe-cuffed.

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