Ginger set 23
32 photos
Ginger is ball-gagged and has her wrists and crotch tied overhead with ropes in her sexy lace thong and flip flops. With her ankles tied together she can only get relief by standing on her tip toes.

Shanay set 5
12 photos
Shanay won’t be going anywhere sitting atop a stool with her elbows and wrists tied and her ankles tied to its legs with ropes in her bare feet and denim pants. A ball-gag gets strapped in her mouth.

Taysia set 49
20 photos; 3:33 video
Taysia is kept kneeling with her ankles crossed and tied and her arms tied overhead by her wrists with ropes in her bare feet and short shorts. Her underarms, ribs and neck are waiting to be tickled.


12 photos; 3:24 video
Tori is tape-gagged and tied in the nude with ropes face down and spreadeagle in bed. She struggles wildly and strains against her bonds moaning into her gag and heavily breathing through her nose.


Ginger set 22
32 photos
Ginger sits on the floor tied with black rope around her wrists & ankles barefoot in a tank top & thong. Black tape is used to gag her. She is put on her knees to show her thonged ass & bare soles. 

Erica set 4
24 photos
Erica is laid out naked in bed with her wrists and ankles held apart by shackles and spreader bars. She manages to get up on to her hands and knees showing of her bare ass and soles.

Taysia set 48
20 photos
Taysia is standing in her leggings and knee high boots with ropes tied around her wrists, knees, and ankles. Made to kneel, she is blindfolded with cloth and then sat down and gagged with a bandana.

Shanay set 4
20 photos
Shanay is kneeling blindfolded and barefoot and has her wrists tied behind her back with rope. Next her ankles are tied together with more rope. Then more ropes are used to tightly hogtie her.

Ginger set 21
16 photos; 3:41 video
Ginger has a ring-gag strapped between her teeth and is tightly tied to a chair on her knees, barefoot in shorts with ropes around her wrists, knees, and ankles. She waits helplessly to be tickled.


Taysia set 47
20 photos
Taysia is handcuffed to a fence outdoors in her slinky dress and hot pink heels. She’s tape gagged and has 1 of her shoes is removed and her ankle is cuffed to the fence making her stand on 1 leg.

Tori set 23
28 photos

Tori has her wrists cuffed and is tied to her chair with ropes around her knees, and ankles barefoot in blue jeans. She gets a piece of blue silk cloth tied over her eyes to blindfold her.

Tori set 22
32 photos
Tori is tied with ropes around her wrists attached to the ceiling and ropes around her ankles tied to her waist barefoot in her sexy red lingerie. A matching red bandana is used to gag her.

Taysia set 46
22 photos
Taysia is tied tightly to a pole with ropes between her teeth, around her chest, wrists, knees & ankles in faded blue jeans and orange deck shoes. More rope is tied tightly over her eyes.

Ginger set 20
16 photos
Ginger is tied in a strict standing strappado with ropes from the ceiling around her neck and wrists and rope binding her ankles together in her shorts and pantyhose. She can only tip-toe for relief.

Erica set 3
32 photos
Erica is handcuffed barefoot in bed. Laying face down her ankles are cuffed. Then a chain is used to hogcuff her. Her toes are cuffed together and a huge ball-gag is strapped in between her teeth.

Aether set 57
32 photos; 3:23 video

Aether is tape gagged and tied kneeling in a chair with ropes around her wrists and ankles in a skirt, glasses, heels and pantyhose. Her struggles cause her skirt to rise and her shoes to fall off.


Kamisha set 4
20 photos

Kamisha sees how dominatrix Aether deals with a barefoot in bikini harem slave girl when she gets leather cuffs locking her wrists and ankles together and a ball-gagged head harness strapped in place.

Bunny set 6
20 photos

Bunny has her wrists tied tightly to her ankles barefoot wearing her blue hospital scrubs and laying face down on the floor with her sexy bare soles in the air and cleave-gagged with white cloth.

Nykisha set 16
30 photos

Nykisha is standing Y-tied in leggings with ropes around her wrists holding them apart and her ankles tied together with more ropes. She is cleave-gagged with cloth and blindfolded with more cloth.

7:15 video
Raine is tied with ropes around her wrists & ankles and above & below her knees, in shorts & nylon footies. Then she’s elbow-tied. She’s ball-gagged and gets a rope tied from her ankles to her neck.

Taysia set 45
32 photos
Taysia is in bed with her wrists, ankles, and feet tied with ropes, topless in a thong. Her ankles are tied to her wrists with more rope and she is left to sleep in a tight hogtie.

Tori set 21
12 photos; 3:37 video
Tori is gagged with a bandana, barefoot in jeans with ropes tying her wrists to her knees and her ankles tied up in the air suspended from the ceiling. She is beaten on her soles with a leather belt.


Raine set 15
32 photos
Raine is tied with ropes around her wrists & ankles and above & below her knees, in shorts & nylon footies. Then she’s elbow-tied. She’s ball-gagged and gets a rope tied from her ankles to her neck.

Tori set 20
Tori is blindfolded and handcuffed overhead barefoot in jeans kneeling in a chair with her ankles cuffed together. She is gagged with a bandana and her jeans get pulled down showing her bare ass.

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