Shondra set 18
20 photos

Shondra is tied barefoot on her knees in a denim skirt with ropes tying wrists to her ankles. Her skirt is pulled down showing her ass in a thong. She is cleave-gagged with bandana to keep her quiet.

Melody set 12

Melody may look cozy but tied topless & barefoot in blue jeans with ropes she won't be going anywhere. She is re-tied on her back showing off her bare breasts.

Kiki set 3

Lauryn takes control of Kiki and puts into a tight hogtie in her blue jean & bare feet. Then Lauryn tickles Kiki's defenseless soles. Then she gags Kiki with a bandana and leaves her to struggle.

Sasha set 4

Sasha & Angel are captured in bed and bound together with ropes in their nite shirts and bare feet.

Tammy set 4

Tammy is elbow-tied & gagged with straps in shackles while in the nude with a collar fastened around her neck. Then she is shackled to spreader bars and ball-gagged.

Denise set 4

Denise is chair-tied and gagged with ropes in her denim outfit and flat shoes.

Lauryn set 1

Kiki wakes up Lauryn and then ties her up in her blue jeans & flips flops. Then Kiki removes Lauryn's flip flops and tickles her helpless soles and under arms.

Angel set 4

Angel is gagged with duct tape, toe-tied, and bound in her bikini with ropes. Her bikini bottom gets pulled down showing her bare bottom.

Melody set 11

Melody is hog-cuffed in bed completely nude.

Danaya set 17

Danaya is tied to a stair rail in her blue jeans & high heels. Once she's cleave-gagged her heels are then removed to show her pretty bare feet.

Denise set 3

Denise & Sasha are both bound hand & foot with duct tape in jeans shorts, pants & boots. Then they are gagged & hogtied with duct tape.

Alesha set 7
Alesha is blindfolded with a stocking pulled over her head and has her wrists, ankles & toes cuffed in her cute little dress laying in bed.

Denise set 2

Denise is ball-gagged & hogtied with cuffs wearing a bandana head rag, denim outfit, and stockinged feet.

Kiki set 2

Kiki is frog-tied with her arms tied to the ceiling in her blue jeans and high heels. She is then ball-gagged and gets her shoes removed to show her soft bare feet.

Danaya set 16

Danaya is blindfolded and laid down to be tightly elbow-tied & hogtied in her bare feet and blue jeans.

Denise set 1

Denise is tied doggy-style in a denim outfit & flats. She is gagged & blindfolded with bandanas. Her shoes are removed to show her pretty bare feet and her jeans are pulled down to show her bare ass.

Sasha set 3

Sasha & Angel are ball-gagged and tied back-to-back with their arms tied overhead and waists tied together in mini dresses, fishnets, boots, and high heels.

Melody set 10

Melody is tightly elbow-tied & hogtied wearing blue jeans and socks on her feet and then cleave gagged with cloth.

Kiki set 1

Kiki gets tightly hogtied in her skirt & boots and then gets blindfolded and ring-gagged.

Angel set 3

Angel is tied to a chair and gagged with a bandana in her sports bra, panties and bare feet. Her panties are yanked down to show her cute little ass.

Sasha set 2

Sexy Sasha has her wrists and ankles joined together with handcuffs topless in high heels & blue jeans, showing off her perfectly shaped breasts.

Melody set 9

Melody is blindfolded & ring-gagged while tied in very strict strappado standing naked in high heels.

Danaya set 15

Danaya is ball-gagged & strictly tied with black rope in her blue jeans and sexy red high heels.

Sasha set 1

Angel takes charge of Sasha by hogtying her in her blue jeans & high heels. Angel removes Sasha's heels and tickles her soles. She then gags Sasha with a bandana and leaves her to struggle.

Melody set 8

Melody is tied in bed topless & barefoot in jeans & gagged with a bandana. Her jeans are pulled down to show her thong. Her jeans & thong are removed & she's re-tied spread-eagle in the nude.

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