BGB Mix 4
38 photos

A compilation of some never before seen pictures from some of the best models in Black Girls Bound history!

Sasha set 2

Sexy Sasha has her wrists and ankles joined together with handcuffs topless in high heels & blue jeans, showing off her perfectly shaped breasts.

Melody set 9

Melody is blindfolded & ring-gagged while tied in very strict strappado standing naked in high heels.

Danaya set 15

Danaya is ball-gagged & strictly tied with black rope in her blue jeans and sexy red high heels.

Sasha set 1

Angel takes charge of Sasha by hogtying her in her blue jeans & high heels. Angel removes Sasha's heels and tickles her soles. She then gags Sasha with a bandana and leaves her to struggle.

Melody set 8

Melody is tied in bed topless & barefoot in jeans & gagged with a bandana. Her jeans are pulled down to show her thong. Her jeans & thong are removed & she's re-tied spread-eagle in the nude.

Angel set 2

Angel is tied face up and spread-eagle in bed with ropes in a fishnet body stocking with her crotch exposed. She is then gagged & blindfolded with cloth rags.

Melody set 7

Melody is standing in her jeans & socks with her arms tied overhead and her knees & ankles tied together. She is ball-gagged & blindfolded and has her jeans pulled down to show her cute little thong.

Danaya set 14

Danaya is chained to a radiator by a collar while her wrists and ankles are cuffed together in her t-shirt, panties, and socks.

Angel set 1

Angel is cleave-gagged with a bandana and tightly elbow-tied & hogtied in her long denim dress & high heel boots.

Danaya set 13

Danaya is tied very strictly kneeling barefoot wearing a football jersey with her wrists tied to her ankles, she is crotch-roped & rope-gagged.

Danaya set 12

Danaya is awoken from her sleep frog-tied with black rope & gagged with duct tape in her t-shirt and bare feet.

Mia set 2

Mia is gagged with cloth, tied to an arm chair with her ankles crossed in her secretary clothes and backless heels. Unable to free herself she can only wiggle out of her shoes exposing her bare feet.

Danaya set 11

Danaya spends some time with her wrists & ankles cuffed in her short little mini-skirt & high heels. She's cuffed into a hogtie and her shoes are removed so her toes can be cuffed together.

Tiffany set 7

Tiffany has been a bad maid and is shackled, collared, & cleave-gagged with cloth seated on a stool in stockings and high heels. She's then has her wrists & ankles fastened to spreader bars.

Mia set 1

Mia is naked with her wrists & ankles tied with ropes. She's then re-tied with her hands behind her back and put into a hogtie.

Danaya set 10
Danaya must set a table in her maid uniform, shackles, & hosed feet while gagged with cloth. Little did she know she would be the main course hogtied & toe-tied in the nude and gagged with an apple.

Tiffany set 6

Tiffany is tightly elbow-tied & rope-gagged in her sweater, bare feet & blue jeans with her wrists tied to her ankles with ropes.

Danaya set 9
Danaya is cleave-gagged with cloth & tied with ropes in her mini-skirt, pantyhose & high heels. She's hogtied and has her heels removed.

Danaya set 8

Danaya is breast bound, topless & barefoot in jeans. Securely tied she's blindfolded & gagged with cloth and unable to stop her pants from being pulled down to reveal her cute little thong.

Melody set 6

Melody is kneeling barefoot in jeans with her wrists & ankles tied with cloth. She gets a variety of gagging with a ball-gag, ring-gag, strap gag, and over-the-mouth gag.

Tiffany set 5

Tiffany is tightly elbow-tied, hogtied, with black rope and ring-gagged in her skirt and boots.

Amani set 24

Amani has her wrists, then ankles, and is then gagged with a bandana and blindfolded in her jeans & slippers. Her shoes are removed and she's put into a crossed-ankle hogtie.

Tiffany set 4

Tiffany has her wrists and ankles cuffed in her sweater, mini-skirt, & pantyhose. She is then tape-gagged & put into a hogtie.

Melody set 5

Melody has her elbows, wrists, knees, & ankles tightly tied together in her harem slave outfit. She's then hogtied & ball-gagged.

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