Scarlet set 17
16 photos

Scarlet is forced to sit in lotus position barefoot in shorts with rope tied from her neck to her ankles and her wrists tied behind her back. She is cleave-gagged with a bandana to shut her up.

Aether set 68
30 photos

Aether makes a sexy pet girl in pantyhose for Bunny with her legs frogtied and hands wrapped with tape. Aether is bit-gagged and lead by her collar on a leash. Then Bunny makes Aether suck on a dildo.

Bunny set 16
24 photos

Bunny is stuck in a strappado with an open mouth hood covering her head and eyes while she stands with her ankles tied in a corset, leggings and heels. A ball gag is strapped in her open mouth.

Nykisha set 26
12 photos; 3:20 video

Nykisha thought it would be fun to get supended from the ceiling barefoot in blue jeans by her wrists and ankles. She twists and flexes until she realizes it hurts and then she struggles to get down.


Aether set 48
28 photos

Aether is ball-gagged and tied into a tight ball in her onesy, pantyhose and leg warmers. With her wrists tied to her ankles and a bar behind her knees tied down with ropes, she can barely move.

Taysia set 60
28 photos

Taysia will be late for work with her wrists tied tightly behind her back and ankles bound together in her blazer, short dress, pantyhose and flat shoes. A black ball-gag is strapped in her mouth.

Aether set 47
24 photos

Aether is folded in half with her wrists tied down and her ankles pulled back over her head and tied apart with black ropes in her slouch socks and leggings. She is bandana gagged and ready for use.

Nykisha set 10
24 photos; 3:18 video

Nykisha is gagged barefoot in jeans and her wrists and ankles are tied overhead with ropes. A wartenberg wheel is rolled up and down her bare soles. Then her soles are beaten with a leather belt.


Aether set 46
16 photos

Aether looks pretty in pink outdoors tied tightly to a pole in her short dress and open-toed heels with a matching ball-gag in her mouth with ropes around her wrists, chest, waist, legs and ankles.

Ginger set 4
26 photos

Ginger is bound and gagged on the floor with grey silver duct tape over her mouth and around her wrists and ankles in her bare feet and blue jeans.

Ginger set 1
20 photos

Ginger is tied with ropes around her wrists and ankles in her tight blue jeans and white moccasins.

Patrice set 1
32 photos

Mary decides to teach Patrice a lesson by tying her wrists with rope, spanking her with a belt and hogtying & gagging her. Then both girls end up hogtied and gagged with bandanas barefoot in jeans.

Taysia set 28
30 photos

Taysia is tied barefoot in blue jeans to her chair with her wrists bound together and her ankles bound to the legs of the chair keeping her bare heels off the floor.

Sugar set 12
30 photos

Sugar is arrested by officer Amber for prostitution and is handcuffed, patted down and then has her ankles cuffs. Then Amber is ambushed and has her wrists & ankles cuffed along side Sugar.

Trenita set 2
14 photos

Trenita is naked and blindfolded stretched out lying face-down on the floor with ropes around her wrists and ankles. More rope is used to tightly hogtie her.

3:47 video

Aether is ball-gagged in blue jeans and slippers with rope around her elbows, wrists, legs, knees and ankles with a noose around her neck tied to her ankles. Her struggles only make the noose tighten.


Kamisha set 5
32 photos

Kamisha must lay on the floor with a ball-gagged head harness strapped in her mouth as Aether removes all of her clothes and then cuffs Kamisha's hands behind her back and her ankles together.

Aether set 67
16 photos

Aether is ball-gagged and helplessly frogtied barefoot in leggings on the floor with pink tape wrapped around her elbows and wrists. More tape is wrapped around her legs keeping her knees bent.

Bunny set 15
16 photos

Bunny and Aether spend some quality time stuck face-to-face sitting with their arms and legs wrapped around each other with their wrists and ankles tied with rope and both are gagged with bandanas.

Lynn set 9
20 photos

Lynn and Aether are tied sitting back-to-back on the floor with their ankles tied and wrists tied behind their backs wearing socks. They are first blindfolded and then cleave-gagged with bandanas.

Taysia set 27
38 photos

Taysia is frog-tied barefoot in blue jeans with ropes tying her ankles to her thighs and around her wrists. Then she is put on her knees and more rope is used to tie her into a kneeling strappado.

Trenita set 1
16 photos

Trenita is naked and blindfolded and kneeling on the floor with handcuffs locked around her wrists and ankles.

Creamy set 1
32 photos

Creamy gets to see what it is like to be hogtied barefoot in blue jeans when Ecstasy ties her wrists and ankles together. Then Ecstasy ties a bandanna gag between Creamy’s teeth.

Eva set 3
32 photos

Eva has her wrists tied in her denim skirt, pantyhose & heels. Seated her knees & ankles are tied. Ropes are tied around her chest and she’s secured to her chair. Then she’s gagged with a bandana.

Taysia set 26
32 photos

Taysia is tied standing in her bikini top, barefoot in blue jeans with ropes around her elbows, wrists, waist, thighs, ankles and even through her crotch. On her knees she shows off her bare soles.

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