Aether set 69
14 photos; 4:17 video

Aether finds she is trapped in her chair as she struggles to free herself while she is bound and gagged with tape around chest, wrists, knees and ankles in her t-shirt, panties and knee-high socks.


Bunny set 17
28 photos

Bunny is standing ball-gagged and Y-tied in heels with ropes holding her wrists apart and her ankles tied together. She is and blindfolded with a bandana and her panties are pulled down to her ankles.

Shondra set 16
24 photos

Shondra gets wrapped up tight with tape in a sheet like a mummy laying trapped on her back on the floor leaving just her head and bare feet uncovered. Shondra then gets flipped over on her stomach.

Nykisha set 17
20 photos

Nykisha is masked barefoot in blue jeans and a jacket. Her tied wrists are pulled into a strict strappado. With her ankles tied, she can only tiptoe for relief. Even more rope is used to gag her.

Aether set 57
32 photos; 3:23 video

Aether is tape gagged and tied kneeling in a chair with ropes around her wrists and ankles in a skirt, glasses, heels and pantyhose. Her struggles cause her skirt to rise and her shoes to fall off.


Kamisha set 4
20 photos

Kamisha sees how dominatrix Aether deals with a barefoot in bikini harem slave girl when she gets leather cuffs locking her wrists and ankles together and a ball-gagged head harness strapped in place.

Bunny set 6
20 photos

Bunny has her wrists tied tightly to her ankles barefoot wearing her blue hospital scrubs and laying face down on the floor with her sexy bare soles in the air and cleave-gagged with white cloth.

Nykisha set 16
30 photos

Nykisha is standing Y-tied in leggings with ropes around her wrists holding them apart and her ankles tied together with more ropes. She is cleave-gagged with cloth and blindfolded with more cloth.

Nykisha set 15
20 photos; 3:25 video

Nykisha is tape gagged barefoot in leggings with her ankles bound and her wrists securely tied behind her back with ropes and her toes tightly tied together with string and tied to her bound wrists.


Aether set 56
14 photos

Aether gets to spend some quality time hanging upside down suspended spread eagle from the ceiling by her ankles in her tight catsuit and high heels with her wrists and ankles held apart by ropes.

Bunny set 5
14 photos

Bunny has been a naughty nurse and gets her wrists tied tightly to her ankles on her knees in her blue hospital scrubs and white ankle socks. She is laid face down on the floor her feet in the air.

Aether set 55
40 photos

Aether has been tied to a rack in her ripped costume by her nemesis who torments her by dragging a spiked metal pinwheel up and down her bound bare soles. She can only endure the agony of her defeat.

Shondra set 14
32 photos

Shondra is a good little frogtied nude MILF bondage pet all bound and gagged with ropes around neck, breasts, wrists, waist, crotch, thighs, and ankles. She bends over for a look at her ass and feet.

Aether set 54
18 photos

Aether has been captured and gagged with a bit in her heels and ripped costume after her nemesis has tied her to a rack where she is shown the instrument that will be used in her impending torment.

Nykisha set 14
16 photos

Nykisha makes an adorable adult baby on her knees with her wrists and ankles bound with silk stockings in her slippers. A pacifier gag helps to keep her quiet in her diaper and onesy.

Aether set 53
26 photos; 3:53 video

Aether is cleave-gagged in leggings, her wrists and ankles tied and a rope tied overhead to her thong. She is repeatedly given a wedgie so hard that she tiptoes her bare heels out of her shoes.


Kalani set 1
28 photos; 5:08 video

Kalani is ball-gagged and hogtied for her first time ever in her blue jeans and heels and thinks she can escape no matter how many times she is tied up. See how many times Kalani is able to escape.


Bunny set 4
16 photos

Bunny and Aether are tied together standing with their arms tied overhead knees tied together and their ankles tied with ropes. They get tape gagged and then get their bare bottom and panties exposed.

Nykisha set 13
16 photos

Nykisha is bent over in her jeans and socks with her knees tied and wrists tied to her ankles with her neck in a noose and ropes through her crotch that have been yanked tight and tied to the ceiling.

Aether set 52
40 photos

Aether is tied to a passenger seat in shorts with ropes around her wrists and knees with her ankles tied above hoisting her bare feet in the air. She is cleave-gagged with cloth and then blindfolded.

Tonya set 1
28 photos

Tonya is kneeling barefoot & blindfolded with ropes around her wrists, elbows, and ankles. She is tightly hogtied, toe-tied and ball-gagged. Then she gets gagged with a bandanna as well.

Bunny set 3
40 photos; 3:29 video

Bunny is bound and gagged on her knees with duct tape in her shorts and bare feet. She is laid on the floor and even gets her toes taped together. Then her shorts are yanked down to show her thong.


Aether set 51
20 photos

Aether is ring-gagged and hung from the ceiling with ropes around her shoulders, elbows, wrists, legs and ankles in her fishnets and shorts. As she dangles from above, drool dangles from her mouth.

Nykisha set 12
20 photos

Nykisha is ring-gagged in jeans with straps buckled tightly around her ankles, thighs, and wrists and her clogs are off her soft bare feet. Kneeling, her eyes are covered with a leather blindfold.

Aether set 50
20 photos

Aether won't be going anywhere for a while ball-gagged and tied tightly to her chair with ropes  around her shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees and ankles in her denim shorts, nylons and high heels.

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